13 Unique Restaurants To Try In Texas Hill Country

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It’s easy to understand why people love Industry – it’s the restaurant you’d dream of opening if customer service was important to you. From the wait staff to the kitchen crew, each person seeks to ensure guests have an outstanding experience. As one of San Marcos’ favorite spots, friends gather to enjoy the fun atmosphere of the bar with specialty cocktails, boozy milkshakes, and great craft beer...

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— Tim Trudell

San Marcos culinary newcomers aim for laid-back atmosphere at Industry

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A ping-pong table is the first thing that greets customers walking into Industry. Behind it, four rows of communal tables lead up to the order counter. The setup evokes the family-friendly, casual feeling owners Cody Taylor and Harlan Scott sought to create when they opened the restaurant in September 2018.

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— Katharine Jose

Texas State Alumni To Open New Restaurant

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Cody Taylor and chef Todd Havers, both Texas State Alumni, are joining friend and restaurant veteran Harlan Scott to open an “everyday” restaurant south of the Square in San Marcos. Sharing a building with Hops & Grain’s much anticipated new brewery, the team is two months away from realizing the ...

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Austin Restaurant Folks Spruce Up the San Marcos Dining Scene

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San Marcos is, according to some people who should know, the longest constantly inhabited territory in the continental U.S., and all of it’s centered around that infamously cold and floatable stretch of river. And all of those people have to eat, you know?

Industry exterior at sunset, open late sign
— Emily Beyda

San Marcos snags new all-day cafe from Austin restaurant all-stars

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One of the hottest trends in contemporary dining is coming to San Marcos. A trio of Austin restaurant vets will be opening Industry, a new all-day cafe which will begin serving a smoked, quick service menu at 110 E. Martin Luther King Dr. later this summer.

Idustry interior, bar, high chiars
— Brandon Watson

Day Trips: Industry, San Marcos

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The brainchild of restaurant consultant Harlan Scott, Cody Taylor (owner of Austin's Cafe Josie), and chef Todd Havers, Industry aims to honor food service professionals while satiating the civilian population. There are subtle "Easter eggs" around the restaurant that most service personnel will find amusing.

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— Gerald E. MCleod

San Marcos Summer Sips With Industry

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Industry, in San Marcos shares the secret behind their draft cocktails and their unique concept that’s not quite a traditional restaurant, but not quite a bar either. Today, Harlan Scott demonstrated their infamous Auquamaid cocktail.

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— Nexstar Broadcasting

7 best destination restaurants outside Austin's city limits

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It’s easy to write off suburban food as all Southwestern eggrolls and fajita rollups, two chain dishes blander than a This is Us subplot. But that doesn’t mean the edges of town are the wasteland some snobby city dwellers claim them to be. Make a detour off the highway and you’ll find locally sourced fare, innovative barbecue, and some of the most delicious global cuisine around.

Industry, exterior, brick facade
— Brandon Watson

A Night In The Industy in San Marcos!

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I’ve talked a few times about my love for day trips around Texas. It’s just such a beautiful state and hopping in the car to go anywhere is quick, easy and damn beautiful.

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— Alex

Brenham native opening restaurant in San Marcos

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A Brenham native is opening an “everyday” restaurant in San Marcos.
Former Brenham High School student Todd Havers, along with a fellow Texas State alumni, is opening his new restaurant, named Industry, alongside the Hops & Grain brewery later this summer. The restaurant looks to celebrate life in the service industry, from the interior decorations to the items on the menu.

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— Josh Blaschke

Good Day Cooks: Industry

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It's diverse, filling, healthy when you want to be, and fair priced. But most importantly it's fast, and every dish will fill you up without the food coma.

 corn, chicken, toppings
— Tania Ortega